Kubota Z726X Zero Turn Mower with 60″ mower deck

Kubota Z726X Zero Turn Mower with 60″ mower deck

Maximized efficiency with superior cutting performance and stability. The 700 Series mowers ensure a high level of stability due to the fuel tank located under the seat and the large diameter wide tread rear tires. These mower decks offer a 6 inch deep deck and anti-scalp rollers that ensure a fast and clean cut. The quick dial height adjustment system lets you adjust the cutting height with a turn of a dial and press of the pedal. Maximum speed topping at 11.2 mph. Check out this adjustable premium suspension seat. This seat can adjust for individual operators weight and comfort. Has a 21.2″ high back, 6″ seat slide and 3″ vertical adjustment. The levers and lift pedal can be raised or lowered to better match the operator.
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RTV X1100C

RTV X1100C
Whether it’s hot or cold, windy or raining, you’ll stay comfortable inside the RTV 1100C’s quite cab. This luxurious air conditioned and heated cab is built around a unibody frame that is virtually airtight and soundproof. Options available are : Radio, snowblower, sweeper, V-Plow, Power module and PTO K-Connect and straight blade.

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RTV-X1140 Four Passenger Vehicle

RTV-X1140 Four Passenger Vehicle
Converts from a four passenger vehicle to a two passenger vehicle with an extra large cargo bed (19.1 cu. ft.) by flipping up the rear seats and folding down the cargo bed. A standard hydraulic bed lift makes short work of dumping tasks. More legroom as well as a comfortable rear seat allows your passengers to enjoy their ride. Optional accessories are : windshield, rear work light, strobe light, mirror kit, blades, rotary broom, front hydraulic quick hitch, winch, and cargo box spreader.
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NDEco FS Series Single Auger Feed Wagons

NDEco FS Series Single Auger Feed Wagons
Models FS500L and Model FS700
The FS Series are heavy duty all purpose single auger vertical mixer. They offer a wide rage of configurations including a 42″ wide suspended conveyor with several folding conveyor lengths. Industry leading large front door opening 58″ wide for a more evenly distributed unloading. 24″ curved and serrated carbide knives for processing bales and long stem forages 30% faster and with minimum wear. Options available are front or side discharge and 395 to 650 cubic feet.
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NDEco U Series Dual Auger Feed Wagons

NDEco U Series Dual Auger Feed Wagons
Models U700D and U850D available 475 to 855 cubic feet
U Series dual mixers feature a unibody construction allowing it to be light weight and compact. Features Step floor design with overlapping augers for an even front to back mix and a complete cleanout. Also contains a wide conveyor with a large front door for easier more evenly distributed unloading. Using 24″ curved and serrated Carbide Knives for processing bales and long stem forages allowing it to be 30% faster with minimum wear. Asking $89,000.00
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3pt hitch carrier and 9′ TF9 Tram-Flex Harrow – 410 lbs.

3pt hitch carrier and 9′ TF9 Tram-Flex Harrow – 410 lbs.

The 3 point hitch frame is the most compact lift frame on the market today. Its A-frame is only 6 feet long and 4 to 13 feet wide depending on the Tram-Flex Harrow attached.
Price: $3995.00 plus gst
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Sawmill B (2)

RR5018 Portable Sawmill

RR5018 Portable Sawmill

Great entry level sawmill meeting the demands of sawyers and hobbyists. This sawmill is capable of sawing and squaring logs up to 46cm (18″) in diameter. It is equipped with a 8.5 HP Rato engine, and has a blade speed of 3279 fpm. This saw can cut from 1.5mm (1/16″) veneers to 12cm (5″) thick slabs.

Price: $1925.00 plus gst

RR608 Dump Trailer

RR608 UTV Hydraulic Dump Trailer

RR608 UTV Hydraulic Dump Trailer

Trailer tongue is designed with a pivoting ball hitch ensuring that the trailer and your machine function and ride independent of one another. Dump box is galvanized and has a rear swing plate, like a dump truck. Both end gate and sides are removable making the trailer very versatile. The complete chassis system connects to a heavy duty tandem walking beam axle system. Featuring 4-bolt hub bearings and four 22×11-10 6 ply off road ATV tires. The walking beam suspension utilizes one pivoting pin that comes with a greaseable fitting.

Price: $3,395.00 plus gst

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